Health and Peace of Mind

World Koong Joong Hapkido is a martial art requiring physical fitness, strength, flexibility and mental conditioning. These qualities take time to develop, and World Koong Joong Hapkido classes are structured to improve them.

Classes begin with meditation to prepare for the physical training ahead.

Warm up begins with static stretches and movements designed to increase suppleness and reduce the chance of injury. World Koong Joong Hapkido incorporates dynamic high kicking which requires a good degree of flexibility.

Hard training involves exercises which improves strength and fitness, such as press ups, crunches and low stance training.



Hard training requires focus, and students are often pushed to their limits.




Students learning Hapkido strengthen the mind, body and the spirit. This is training for life; building self confidence and self esteem. enabling you to fight every day enemies which are not external (physical attackers) but internal such as stress, worry, insecurity, jealousy, impatience, defeat, and depression.


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