Self defence external


  • Ye Ey                     -        Courtesy
    • Live a correct life with good behaviour. Change bad habits into good.


  • Son Sool                -        Hand strikes
    • We have 10 different basic hand striking techniques.


  • Jok Sool                -        Kicking
    • We have 10 different basic kicking techniques.


  • Hyung                   -          Patterns
    • Different basic techniques are added to each other to create flowing circular forms.


  • Sool Ki                  -          Self defence
    • These are standard techniques. Any attack should be controlled without a struggle.


  • Kyek Pa Sool       -          Breaking techniques
    • Cetain parts of the body will be trained, increasing strength and power, to enable breaking.


  • Nak Bup Sool      -           Break falls
    • We have 7 different basic break falls.


  • Moo Ki Sool         -           Weapons
    • Different weapons will be learned starting from black belt.


  • Bi Ki                      -           Higher Techniques
    • Opponent will not be able to see the technique; even if he is able to see it, he will still not be able to defend against it.


  • Do Sool                -           Highest Techniques
    • Any person trained in Do Sool is able to accomplish things on a physiological level that an untrained person cannot aspire to.
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