Self defence internal

(good health for life)

  • Blood and circulation
    • Our body is made up of millions of cells. When these cells are in good condition we are healthy.
    • Blood delivers energy to the cells. That is why good blood and circulation are the key point for good health.


  • Nutrition, breathing and exercise
    • Good food, good breathing and special exercises will increase good health.
    • When these three things are well balanced they will produce good blood and good circulation.


  • Breathing
    • Our breathing is affected by our emotions. When we are scared, angry, sad, happy, etc. our breathing changes.
    • Our autonomic nervous system is affected by our emotions.
    • Special breathing techniques enable us to control our emotions and reduce stress.


  • Reflexology
    • There are reflex points on our feet, hands and ears which correspond with relevant parts of our body. By stimulating these reflex points we are to increase our self-healing power enabling us to reduce illness and improve our health.


  • Qi Gong Yo Bup Health Exercises
    • Using a combination of breathing and body manipulation can help clear the blockages in our body system.


  • Stress Relief
    • Stress contributes to many of the illnesses and problems we face in modern society.
    • These higher techniques will help remove all stress and problems from your daily life.
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