Self defence of the mind

(peace of mind)

  • The truth
    • The truth is forever.
    • The truth cannot be changed.
    • If it can be changed it is not the truth.


  • Illusions
    • Our body and mind are constantly changing.
    • Therefore, they cannot truly be our body and mind, they are merely illusions.


  • Change
    • Everything changes - nothing lasts forever.
    • Whatever you see, whatever you think has no substance. There is no fact in them.


  • Meditation
    • Meditation techniques have been practiced throughout the world for many centuries, but few who practice them find their true self.
    • Everything is unreal and the techniques are attached to these unreal things.
    • That is why many who seek never find their true self.


  • Attachment
    • Do not attach youself to unreal things.
    • This is how you can find your true self.
    • When you find your true self all problems will disappear because they were not real in the first place.


  • Peace Of Mind
    • To implement this knowledge into your life is the only way to achieve a happy and peaceful life.


  • The Most Important Thing In Life
    • The most important thing in life is to find your true self. That is the only thing which will bring you peace and happiness. All other things are illusions.
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