(Jok Sool)


The Hapkido kicking system is very comprehensive and takes account of all the different types of kicking application.

The techniques are not limited to those which score points under certain competition rules. Also, many kicking techniques would damage an opponent and not be allowed in tournaments. With these restrictions lifted, any effective kicking technique is available and taught in World Koong Joong classes.



Hapkido teaches low kicking strikes aimed at the shin, knee and thigh area. These kicks are powerful, fast and destructive. Great care must be taken when practising these kicks with an opponent, particularly in a sparring situation.

High kicking is also part of Hapkido, and these kicks are practiced regularly in classes. These look similar to Taekwondo kicks in style, with hips turned over in typical Korean style kicking fashion. But there are a greater variety.

World Koong Joong Hapkido also teaches special aerial kicking techniques including butterfly kick, flying side kick, jump spinning hook kick, kicking while running high up and off walls etc. This is very dynamic and exciting kicking.

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