The throwing techniques taught in the Hapkido system comprise of sweeps, trips, throws using clothing or throws using the body or limbs.

Hapkido also uses joint attacks to the wrist, elbow, neck and head as a defence against grab attacks and follows throws with further techniques.
Hapkido techniques are not restricted to the rules of a sport.

Hapkido methods do not extend to ground fighting, but instead aim to utilize an opponents energy during an initial attack and transform it into a throw or a technique.



After an opponent is thrown, more techniques are available to finish an opponent or render them incapable of further action.

A throw technique can be followed by a punch to the ribs or face and then a joint attack.
For example, neck throw, rib punch, elbow break.

If an opponent is taken down by a joint lock, the lock can be held to confine and control, or fully apply the technique to breaking point.

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