World Koong Joong Hapkido students train with a range of traditional Korean style weapons only after achieving 1st Dan level.

The main weapons are Sword (Kal), Short Stick (Dang Bong), Medium Stick (Chung bong), and Long Stick (Chang Bong)

Level 1: (Kal) Sword

Training begins with basic sword cutting techniques.
A sword pattern incorporating sweeping and circular techniques.
Finally, sword against sword techniques vs.1 or 2 attackers.

Level 2: (Dang Bong) Small Stick

The dang bong pattern is flowing, with circular motions which incorporate blocking kicking and rolling with fast wrist flick striking motions which generate power.
Self defence with a dang bong against a punch, blocking and striking to vulnerable areas.
Techniques using the dang bong as an extension of the hand for locking or throwing.

Level 3: (Chang Bong) Long Stick

The chang bong pattern uses linear and circular motion incorporating blocks and strikes.
Chang bong vs. sword.

Level 4: (Chung Bong) Medium Stick / Baton

A linear pattern, with high and low blocking, and high and low strikes.
Set of techniques: baton against baton, strikes, locks and throws.

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