New Members

The World Koong Joong Hapkido Association is open to new members.

No commitment is required before starting.

Come along and try out Hapkido for yourself!


Beginners are always welcome to come along and join in classes. Beginners can train in loose clothing before starting with a hapkido suit (dobok) and white belt.


Experienced martial artists

The World Koong Joong Hapkido Association welcomes martial artists of different styles to come along and try hapkido. Hapkido covers a very broad range of martial arts skills which means that other styles often find something in common as well as learning new skills. Hapkido has an association with TaeKwonDo and other Korean styles.




Learning martial arts are a great way to increase fitness, flexibility, coordination and strength. You can do this in a gym or fitness class of course, but then you will not be actually learning any new skills. Hapkido delivers complete martial arts skills for life.

World Koong Joong Hapkido clubs teach the traditional Korean martial art of Hapkido. Students earn belts in an established structured grading system geared to teaching a complete set of martial arts skills.

The Complete Martial Art

Why is hapkido considered a complete martial art? Many martial art systems focus on a particular aspect, for example purely striking arts, styles which favour kicking or purely self defence aspects. Hapkido combines all of these skills into one comprehensive system. Because there is a lot to teach, it takes time to learn.

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